Corporate publications

  • Annual Report

    Our annual report provides information on the department's performance against its objectives as outlined in the strategic plan.

  • Strategic Plan Strategic Plan

    Our strategic plan outlines how we contribute to government policy.

  • Service Delivery Statements

    Budgeted financial and non-financial information for the budget year.

  • Open Data

    The Department releases information for public access on the Queensland Government’s Open Data Portal

  • Statement of Business Ethics

    Provides guidance and instruction for the private sector on the behaviours expected when doing business with our department.

  • Fraud, Corruption and Misconduct Control Policy

    Outlines the process for employees in preventing and detecting fraud, corruption and other misconduct in the department.

  • Integrity Framework

    Outlines the instruments, mechanisms and responsibilities that help the department deliver on its strategic and business

  • Disability Service Plan 2017-20

    Our Disability Service Plan outlines how we aim to improve access and participation across the entire service system.

  • Multicultural Action Plan

    Action to build an environment of opportunity and achieve improved social and economic outcomes for people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

  • Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan

    Sets the overall direction for waste management within the department.

Last updated 22 April 2015