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  • Biosecurity

    Biosecurity Queensland's newsletter covering animal health, plant health, weeds and pest animals, changes in legislation, upcoming events and news stories

  • Under the Microscope e-newsletter

    The latest news from the National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication Program.

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    News on research, developments and opportunities for the State's plant, cropping, horticulture, livestock and forestry industries.

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    eNewsletter for primary producers and food manufacturers to help stay up to date with the latest news, industry developments, upcoming events and projects.

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    An occasional update that captures key activity related to Queensland’s forest and timber industry.

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    The latest news on recreational and commercial fishing, and aquaculture in Queensland

  • FutureBeef Queensland

    FutureBeef distributes three online newsletters focusing on information for QLD beef industry staff, producers, agribusiness and natural resource management org

  • Drought and Climate Adaptation Program eNewsletter

    The Drought and Climate Adaptation Program’s eNewsletter contains news on the latest DCAP projects.

Last updated 22 September 2017