Let’s Eradicate Limnocharis Together

News release | 08-May-2017

North Queenslanders are being asked to help Biosecurity Queensland eradicate an aggressive aquatic weed that can kill native plants.

“Limnocharis must be eradicated from Australia before it becomes a permanently established weed,” National Tropical Weed Eradication Project Co-ordinator Mick Jeffery said.

“You might think the pretty yellow flower or the attractive foliage of limnocharis looks good in your garden, but don’t be fooled.

“It is an aggressive killer that will choke waterways, displace native plant species and destroy natural habitats.

“The aquatic weed threatens agricultural systems by competing for nutrients and space, restricting access to water and providing favourable breeding areas for disease vectors.

We want to make sure every remaining location of limnocharis is detected in order to eradicate the species from North Queensland and protect our native plants,”

Mr Jeffery said the community needed to get behind the national project and help achieve eradication by reporting suspected plant locations especially in backyards on private property.

“These weeds are classified as pest plants under Queensland legislation and it is a serious offence to introduce, keep or sell these weeds without a permit issued by Biosecurity Queensland,” he said.

Mr. Jeffery said the weed starts off growing in shallow water but could quickly take over and choke waterways in a matter of weeks.

“Limnocharis has paddle shaped leaves, yellow flowers and grows to a metre tall and is likely to be found in ornamental ponds, dams, creeks, swamps or drains,” he said.

If you think you have limnocharis on your property make sure you don’t handle it or spread any seed.

“Clean your footwear or any equipment and vehicles before leaving the area.

“Take note of its location and report it to Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23.”

For more information visit www.biosecurity.qld.gov.au.

Media contact: Suellen Hinde, 3087 8577