Catch the latest fishing statistics online

News release | 05-Feb-2014

Queenslanders can now access the latest statistics on commercial and recreational fishing with the launch of the new QFish web portal by the Queensland Government.

Fisheries Queensland Manager Ross Quinn said the new web interface brought all types of fishing data together in one, easy-to-use resource.

"With more than 700,000 recreational fishers and 1500 licensed commercial fishing boats, Queensland is a state of fishing enthusiasts," Dr Quinn said.

"This portal provides open, transparent data to the community in response to their key interests.

"It allows users to access catch and effort information by fish species, years, specific areas or regions and fishing methods.

"The recreational catch data is drawn from statewide recreational fishing surveys, while the commercial fishing data is from daily commercial logbooks dating back to 1990.

"This is a new and improved resource, replacing the Coastal Habitat Resources Information System (CHRIS).

"QFish accesses commercial fishing information updated weekly, so provides more complete and current information than CHRIS did.

"Information accessed through QFish can be easily downloaded to a spreadsheet, and data on grids or fishing regions can be easily mapped.

"Once produced, the map can be printed or downloaded to your computer for later use.

"Access to current, region-specific data on fishing will enable users to become more familiar with trends in their area, whether for their personal enjoyment or business."

Visit QFish at

For further information on QFish and assistance with your data search, contact 13 25 23.

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