$1.4M to support forest and timber industry research and development

News release | 05-Feb-2016

The Queensland Government has released a new plan for $1.4 million of research, development and extension funding which will support the growth of the state's forest and timber industry.

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) Deputy Director General (Fisheries & Forestry) Scott Spencer said the Queensland forest and timber industry research, development and extension (RD&E) framework was developed around industry priorities.

"The framework was facilitated by an advisory committee of industry representatives to ensure we target the investment where it can have the most impact," Mr Spencer said.

The committee includes representatives from HQPlantations, Parkside Building Supplies (Timber Division), the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia, Kalka / HWB Group, and Forest and Wood Products Australia.

"As Chair of the committee, I am confident that the framework ensures our efforts continue to be focused on industry-relevant priorities, and determine opportunities to contribute to national forest and timber industry RD&E. 

"We are committed to growing the forest and timber industry, driving innovation, and optimising the value of forestry resources. This RD&E framework is the cornerstone to targeting investment that will support the industry's future development."

The framework outlines a range of areas for investment across eight key themes: native forests, softwood plantations, hardwood plantations, forest protection, wood residues, logistics and processing, timber products and building systems.

"DAF is realigning its forest and timber industry RD&E program to support the framework and is providing funding support for new priority projects in these theme areas."

The development of the framework and the subsequent investment is a key outcome of the Queensland forest and timber industry plan, which identifies a broad range of actions to support a vibrant forest and timber industry in Queensland.

Media contact: Laura Hutton , 3087 8576