Take the guesswork out of grazing land management

When will it rain? How much rain can you expect? When and where should you rotate stock? Should you sell or agist?

These are just a few of the decisions you can get a helping hand with via the FORAGE grazing land management online information system.

The technology

FORAGE is an online, web and email-based system, which generates and distributes climate and pasture related information in customised reports for a requested location.

It is free, easy to use, and can provide information for a range of grazing land management practices.

FORAGE incorporates a number of products such as SILO climate data, satellite imagery and modelled pasture growth, delivering them by email as easy to understand property-scale reports.

Reports can be requested by property name, road address, lots on plan, map view or latitude and longitude.

The system is designed for regional use and is low bandwidth friendly.

FORAGE is also a delivery mechanism for satellite imagery developed by the Department of Environment and Science’s (DES) Remote Sensing Centre.

Benefits for agribusinesses

FORAGE can take the guesswork out of grazing land management and help producers make better climate-responsive decisions.

The system can give you a more accurate picture of past events and inform decisions based on recent historical data. Reports available include:

  • indicative land type
  • rainfall and pasture by land type
  • ground cover
  • rainfall and pasture outlook.

Information can be specific to property or region and it can provide maps and data on climate and rainfall, pasture growth and quality, land types, ground cover, fire risk and more.

Information generated through FORAGE can facilitate both land condition assessment and decision support for grazing and environmental land management practices. Through Forage you can:

  • access the latest grazing science for property management
  • track ground cover, pasture growth and climate
  • receive assistance with stocking rate decisions
  • obtain Landsat satellite imagery derived products
  • examine climate projections for property and region.

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