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Is this AgTech for you?

Deciding to invest in AgTech for your business can be overwhelming given the catalogue of products and services available. Considering whether a technology is right for your business or if there are other considerations to make can be complex. The following checklist provides a guide of what questions you should ask. Will this technology:

  • solve a core problem or create efficiencies in your business?
  • make a task easier, automate an activity, or reduce a business cost?
  • be compatible with your existing systems or interface with your equipment?
  • do as you intend it to do? Take it for a test drive or review case studies/testimonials to validate it.
  • be value for money? Does it compare with similar products and services?
  • work with your connectivity and internet speed?
  • be reliable? What’s the warranty back-up service?
  • support your requirements for data ownership?
  • be a one-off purchase, or are there ongoing subscriptions?
  • be able to be maintained and serviced locally?

Assistance with funding

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Digital tools to support your business

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Working together with partners, industry and businesses in the AgTech ecosystem will drive success. Collaboration is key—it will be the collective effort of producers and AgTech professionals that will transform agribusinesses for the future. Interact with the AgTech ecosystem today.

Key initiatives

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