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AgTech at Beef Australia 2021

Technological advances are coming through thick and fast. But where do you turn? How do you know what to choose? Will your investment stand the test of time? How will it work with your existing systems?

The journey to adopt AgTech in your business can be chaotic and challenging to navigate at times.

Visit the Queensland Government at Beef Australia 2021 in the Ken Coombe Tech Yards to connect with our team for advice and support on your tech journey.

Check out the Queensland Government Beef 2021 portal.

AgTech in the beef industry

Emerging technologies for agricultural application are transforming Queensland’s beef industry by making things more accessible, faster and smarter.

With an increasing amount of tech at our fingertips, producers now have access to a greater level of precision in managing their businesses, and are seeing real benefits to their operations, livestock and the environment.

Systems, platforms, and applications that can connect or ‘talk’ to each other help build a complete picture of the production system. The evolution of AgTech is leading to more timely, data-driven management decisions that complement traditional management decisions based on experience and observation.

Using AgTech in the beef industry can:

  • assist with timely and profitable decisions about moving or selling cattle
  • streamline the collection of hard-to-measure traits of beef cattle reproductive performance
  • improve animal performance and welfare outcomes through active monitoring technologies
  • allow producers to actively monitor pasture and land condition, informing decisions around feed budgeting and adjusting stocking rates
  • benefit the environment through remotely sensed land condition data
  • demonstrate sustainable land management practices.

DAF supporting AgTech development through research

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) uses existing and emerging technologies across our research facilities and partner properties. This helps us to understand how we can make the most out of available technologies and add value to Queensland beef businesses. AgTech innovators also have the opportunity to work with DAF to trial their tech in controlled conditions.

"With many AgTech tools like cattle tracking and animal health sensors becoming commercially available, DAF can support producers to make the most of new developments to improve on-farm decision making."

Peter Johnston, General Manager, Animal Science, DAF

DAF uses the following AgTech at its Spyglass and Brian Pastures Research Facilities, and partnering beef cattle properties:

  • walk-over-weighing systems
  • remote water monitoring
  • radio-frequency identification devices (RFID)
  • remotely sensed land condition data
  • pasture growth models
  • electronic collars for monitoring cow reproductive status
  • satellite imagery to track pasture biomass, tree cover and land condition across properties.

Find out more about AgTech innovations at DAF.