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Discover local AgTech with Queensland AgTech Finder

17 September 2020

There are many AgTech products and services on the market with new ones hitting the shelf every day. Finding solutions for your business has been made even easier with the new Queensland AgTech Finder tool

AgTech has the potential to transform the way Queensland agribusinesses operate. We want to ensure agribusiness are able to efficiently source and adopt new technologies with the potential to transform the way they do business. Most consumers, when seeking to purchase new equipment, refer to trusted, local suppliers to de-risk their purchasing decision: farmers, even more so. 

AgTech Finder is an independent digital platform designed with and for producers. Product listings include: pricing model; installation process; number of units deployed; energy source; compatibility with other products; who owns the data; and how data will be kept private.

New functionality has been added to the existing AgTech Finder to allow businesses to search within Queensland. Queensland AgTech retailers are encouraged to list their products and services on the database.