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Toowoomba home to world class AgTech hub

26 June 2020

The Queensland Government is investing $3.3 million of Advance Queensland funding to establish a new, multi-million-dollar AgTech and logistics hub in Toowoomba.

The centre will aim to build the agricultural sector’s capacity to use technology and innovation to drive greater efficiencies in farming practices and improve supply chains.

The new centre will provide a range of services including mentoring, specialised workshops and industry forums as well as testing new technologies like drones and smart bots.

The agricultural industry is undergoing massive technological change across the world, and with a reputation for both excellent produce and innovation, Queensland is perfectly positioned to participate and thrive in the global AgTech revolution.

According to World Economic Forum, over US$1.5 billion was invested in AgTech in 2017.

The global precision farming market size alone was valued at US$4.7 billion in 2019.

The growth of the market for precision agriculture is attributed to the increasing proliferation of the Internet of Things and the use of advanced analytics by farmers.

The Government is looking for operators to establish and run the facility.

People interested in establishing the hub and managing its operations for up to three years have an opportunity to tender, with the contract expected to be announced in September.

Tenders closed on 23 July.

For more information on the tender process visit Advance Queensland- AgTech and Logistics Hub in Toowoomba.