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Australian Government announces new investment in traceability projects

7 April 2021

$4 million of grants invested in first round of program, $3 million in upcoming projects

The Traceability Grants Program was announced under the Modernising Agricultural Trade initiative in 2019, with $4 million invested in sixteen projects as the outcome of the program's first round. The second round of the program is scheduled to run from 2022-23, with the $3 million remaining funding allocated to a further fourteen projects.

The program aims to give Australian farmers, exporters and consumers a competitive edge through a greater ability to trace products at any point in the supply chain. Emergent technologies like DNA tracing and QR codes offer new solutions for the Queensland agriculture industry, with digital traceability allowing for more transparency, efficiency and reliability for producers, exporters and consumers.

Among the upcoming second round of grants is a project by Central Queensland University, centred around sensor-based livestock tracking, linking meat quality and marketability back to the animals in the field and their behaviours. By fitting cows and sheep with GPS collars or ear tags that allow remote evaluation of location, behaviour and state of individual animals – including feeding habits, water access, health and vulnerability, and social networks – greater insight can be gained into how livestock behaviour affects the supply chain and product quality.

More information about Round 2 of the Traceability Grants Program can be found on the Community Grants Hub website.