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Getting started on the journey to find the right AgTech solution is different for every business. There is tech available to suit individual business needs, personal operational style and budget.

Your investment in AgTech may be incremental and your approach may differ each time. You can adopt tech to suit your business needs and exit prior to adoption if the AgTech being explored is not a good fit with your business. You may choose to pursue various technology types simultaneously, opting for tested and proven solutions or emerging cutting-edge technologies.

To guide your efforts, identify an issue that you want to resolve or an improvement you wish to make, and set a budget.

Being familiar with available support services will be important as you consider which AgTech solutions to explore. Considerations should be given to outlays versus potential future cost-savings from efficiencies.

Journey Map

An AgTech journey is often triggered by a need, or someone becoming aware of an emerging technology. Businesses transform as they explore, learn and grow. The journey may appear to be chaotic and incomplete, with people progressing through it at their own speed. Finances, lifestyle, ease of integration, appetite for change, and knowledge of the technology may influence the direction you take. Where are you on the journey?

AgTech journey map

What is AgTech?

AgTech is any innovation used across the value chain for the purpose of improving efficiency, profitability and/or sustainability. It includes hardware and software, business models, new technologies and new applications.

The new frontiers of AgTech are in the digital space, providing solutions using data, tools and decision-support to assist agribusinesses to meet emerging consumer demands or enter new markets.

Tech types

While AgTech can include physical or mechanical innovations to traditional agribusiness technologies (for example, a new controlled traffic spray applicator), the new digital frontiers of AgTech have arrived with their own terminology.

Learn more about each of the AgTech types .

Finding AgTech Solutions

Browse AgTech Finder to explore tech options for your business.

Other online directories where you can connect with AgTech businesses, products or services include AgTech Central and Farm Table.

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