Animal industries

  • Animal health and diseases

    Animal health and diseases

    General animal health and disease information as well as surveillance and control programs

  • Animal welfare and ethics

    Animal welfare and ethics

    Animal welfare and ethics in Queensland, including your responsibilities if owning an animal, laws and codes of practice

  • Identifying, moving and selling livestock

    Identifying, moving and selling livestock

    What you need to do when moving and selling livestock in Queensland

  • Beef


    Genetics and breeding, nutrition, health, feedlots, pastures, drought, environmental management and enterprise management

  • Bees


    The importance of bees and their role in the pollination of agricultural and horticultural crops

  • Cats and dogs

    Cats and dogs

    Details about legal obligations such as registering and microchipping pets

  • Dairy


    Dairy industry information including disease prevention, feed and nutrition and how to improve your herd

  • Horses


    Information about protecting the health of horses through disease prevention and control and responsible animal welfare standards

  • Sheep industry

    Sheep industry

    Details about standards and practices for the Queensland sheep industry

  • Pig production

    Pig production

    Information about the industry, and starting and managing a piggery

  • Poultry


    Information about poultry production; poultry research and services

Most visited topics

  • Birth of the calf

    Birth of the calf
    Cows should calve in a clean, well-grassed, sheltered paddock near the house or dairy where she can be observed in case ...