Animal health and diseases

Biosecurity Queensland manages risks to Queensland's primary industries associated with potentially harmful pests and diseases.

  • A-Z list

    Alphabetical listing of significant animal pests and diseases.

  • Animal health surveillance

    Biosecurity Queensland develops and implements surveillance systems to monitor the health status of Queensland's animal, fish and bee populations.

  • Disease control

    Control and eradication of specific endemic animal diseases

  • Emergency animal diseases

    Diseases with the potential to severely impact Queensland's economy or lifestyle

  • Foot-and-mouth disease

    Disease overview, guidelines for vets and livestock owners, and information on swill feeding and livestock standstills

  • Industry alert - Prawn hepatopancreatitis

    An alert has been issued to the Queensland aquaculture industry to increase awareness of prawn hepatopancreatitis, an emerging disease in farmed tiger prawns

  • Notifiable diseases

    Diseases that must be reported under legislation

  • Protect your animals

    Feeding restrictions, preventing disease, property planning and risk management

  • Zoonoses

    Diseases that can spread from animals to people

Last updated 08 October 2013