Hive registration

Under the Apiaries Act 1982, you must be registered as a beekeeper in Queensland if you own one or more beehives.

Registration is required for the orderly conduct of the industry and to control important honeybee diseases. A fee is charged annually, which is currently $14.80.

New registration

New beekeepers must register their hives. To apply, download and complete the Queensland beekeeper registration application form (PDF, 103.9KB).

Send the completed form and payment ($14.80) to:

Apiary Section
Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
604 Yangan Road
Warwick Qld 4370

Renewing your registration

Registration renewal forms are posted to all registered beekeepers in February each year. They are due back with payment by 31 March.

Changing your address

If you move or need to change your postal address, contact the Customer Service Centre .

Cancelling your registration

To cancel your registration, contact the Customer Service Centre .

If you have sold or given away the hives, please supply the name and address of the new beekeeper. If the bees have died or have swarmed and you still have the boxes, either sterilise the hives and hive equipment or destroy the hives and frames by burning them.

Voluntary honey tests

You no longer need to submit a honey test for American Foulbrood (AFB) as a condition of registration. If you wish to have your honey tested for AFB, you may do so.

For all enquiries regarding payments and current fees, please contact the Biosecurity Sciences Laboratory on (07) 3276 6062. A honey sample advice sheet must accompany the honey sample. Obtain a 100 mL honey sample representative of all hives and post it to:

Biosecurity Sciences Laboratory
Health and Food Science Precinct
PO Box 156
Archerfield BC Qld 4108

A clean jar will suffice but it must be sturdy enough for postage and sufficiently large enough to contain 100 mL of honey. Ensure it is well protected for delivery to the laboratory.

How to place hive brands

How to place hive brands

Marking hives

Once registered, you will be issued with a registered brand. This brand is not transferable to other beekeepers and is cancelled when you no longer keep beehives.

The Apiaries Regulation 1998 specifies that the registered brand is to be no less than 25 mm high and that 1 hive in every 50 is to be branded. The brand marking must be maintained in a legible condition.

The first brand must be placed in the centre of the front of the hive. If a hive is already branded, any subsequent brands must be placed in the corners of the front of the same hive in a clockwise sequence starting from the top left-hand corner of the hive.

Apiary classes and distances between apiary sites
Apiary classHive numberDistance apart
AFewer than 40 hivesNot specified
BMore than 40 hives0.8 km
CMore than 100 hives in which queen bees are bred for sale1.6 km
DMore than 500 hives used exclusively for breeding queen bees20 km

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Last updated 23 April 2015