Hive management

Good beekeepers continuously maintain their hives to safeguard their investment and increase honey production and quality.

  • Mechanical aids

    Machinery can be used for preparing apiary sites, manipulating hives, loading, unloading and transporting migratory apiaries.

  • Preserving equipment

    Timber rots quickly in hot, wet climates. Therefore it is essential to treat timber, used for making hives, to avoid unnecessary waste.

  • Sterilising equipment with scorching and irradiation

    When bee colonies are diagnosed with American foulbrood (AFB), it is a requirement that the bees are killed and the equipment either destroyed or sterilised.

  • Honey grades

    In 1964, a standard system of honey grading using a Pfund Honey Colour Grader was introduced in Australia. It was modified in June 1981 to bring the Australian scale in line with the international scale.

Last updated 09 August 2012