Feed and nutrition

By understanding the nutrient needs and the physiological development of the dairy cow, you can formulate an effective feeding program for your herd.

  • Legumes for dairy cattle

    The suitability of legumes (mung bean, faba bean, soybean, navy beans, peanuts and a variety of peas) as feed for cattle.

  • Drought management

    Drought management strategies for dairy farms include level of feeding, forages to grow, feed puchases, and the number and class of animals to be culled

  • Nutrition for lactating dairy cows

    Nutrition for lactating dairy cows based on the Nutrition plu$ project including feeding the rumen microbes, rumen health, feed intake and diet quality

  • Feed requirements and forage quality

    If the age of heifers at calving is to be reduced and their live weight increased improved pastures and forages adequately fertilised must be used.

  • Lucerne for dairy cattle

    Dairy cattle can produce produce from 14 to 16 litres of milk a day while grazing on lucerne depending on the season.

  • Chicken litter

    Chicken litter application has been shown to double grass yield compared to unfertilised pasture.

Last updated 01 June 2010