Moving your horse

There are certain situations where transporting horses (and other members of the family Equidae, such as donkeys and mules) may require a waybill and/or permit.

There are different requirements depending on whether you are transporting horses within Queensland, interstate or overseas, or bringing horses into Queensland.

Please note: If you wish to move your horse overseas, contact the Australian Government's Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry to ensure you meet all movement regulations for your horses.

  • From Queensland

    Information about moving horses from Queensland to another state or territory

  • Into Queensland

    Information on moving horses from interstate to Queensland

  • Within Queensland

    Moving horses within Queensland, including waybills, travel permits and fodder movement

  • Cattle tick zones

    Information on moving horses from cattle tick infected zones, and approved schemes (exemptions)

Last updated 19 November 2013