Pig production

The Queensland Government is developing on-farm technologies and practices to minimise the environmental impacts of pig production, researching pig respiratory diseases and addressing business management issues such as water and energy use, climate variability.

  • Services and products

    Services and products we provide for the Queensland pig industry.

  • Improving your herd with genetics

    Growers can obtain extra profits by improving the genetic makeup of their herd.

  • Feed and nutrition

    Menu page for information about feed and nutrition for pigs

  • Managing a piggery

    To manage a piggery effectively, know the piggery's production and performance, identify ways for herd improvement, manage feeding and environmental issues

  • Pig health and diseases

    Managing pig health is a vital part of herd performance and it is essential to understand symptoms of diseases and conditions and know how to control parasites

  • Getting started

    Commercial pig raising is a capital and labour intensive business. Success requires a sound combination of business management and pig husbandry knowledge and skills. Also, information about keeping a few pigs.

  • About the industry

    Menu page to information about the pig industry in Queensland including career information, industry contacts and market trends.

  • Financial management

    Menu of articles about the financial management of a piggery.

Last updated 11 September 2012