Sheep industry

In 2014-15 the Queensland sheep and wool industry was valued at $132 million ($66 million for sheep and lamb slaughtering and $66 million for wool production. The state has 1,688 establishments holding 2.17 million head of sheep. Over 469,000 sheep and 312,700 lambs were slaughtered in 2014-15 producing 17,647 tonnes of mutton and lamb. Most of Queensland's sheep are located in the outback, desert channels region and in the south west of the state, principally the Darling Downs Maranoa region.

In 2014-15 Queensland exported $1.1 million in live sheep to China and $112.8 million of sheep meat to 47 countries. The major markets were the United States of America, China, Japan, Taiwan, Russia and Singapore.

Wool valued at $18.5 million was exported to 6 countries, principally China, India and Italy.

Last updated 20 June 2016