Learn about animal industries, moving and selling livestock and animal welfare.

  • Animal welfare

    Learn more about about animal welfare laws in Queensland. Livestock managers, vets, zoos and pet shops should understand their duty of care to animals.

  • Animal health and diseases

    Learn more about animal health and diseases in Queensland.

  • Legal requirements when transporting animals

    Requirements, guidelines and advice on moving livestock within and into Queensland. Learn more about the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS).

  • Beef

    Learn more about the beef industry including genetics and breeding, nutrition, health, feedlots, pastures, drought, environmental management and enterprise management.

  • Beekeeping

    Find out what you need to know for beekeeping as a commercial enterprise.

  • Poultry

    Read topics about poultry welfare, farming and transport in Queensland.

  • Dairy

    Dairy industry information including disease prevention, feed and nutrition and how to improve your herd

  • Horses

    Learn more about protecting the health of horses through disease prevention and control and responsible animal welfare standards.

  • Sheep

    Topics about sheep, including sheep breeding and genetics, and sheep welfare and transport.

  • Pig production

    Information about the industry, and starting and managing a piggery