Sowtel litter recording pages

Sowtel can help you keep an eye on sow and herd performance

Blank versions of Sowtel litter record pages can be downloaded and printed to use as a record-keeping system that tracks events in the pig breeding herd and enables piggery operators to measure the performance of their own herds. The pages are from the Sowtel booklet (commonly called the yellow book).

Queensland Government

Product information

The pages provide a ready-to-use format to record mating, farrowing, weaning, litter totals and averages, returns to service information and to easily calculate sow performance.

The pages are used to record events over time - so there will be 16 weeks of mating events (one event per line) before you start completing the farrowing events. If you wish to see all the events relating to one sow on one page, there are sow cards available for purchase.

Sowtel gives you all the prompts you need to analyse basic reproductive performance levels, which can be done manually or by using a computer analysis program. There is space and formulae at the end of each page to calculate averages such as farrowing rate and pre-weaning mortality. For analysis over a standard length of time, say every three months (six-monthly if a few sows, weekly if many), the totals from each page in the selected period can be added on a separate sheet and the reproductive performance levels calculated and compared with those of previous periods or with targets.

Ordering information

To order your packs of sow cards (to record the events associated with one sow one each card), contact the Extension Officer (pork), telephone (07) 4688 1214, fax (07) 4688 1192, email , or by writing to the Extension Officer (pork), DAF, PO Box 102, Toowoomba, Queensland 4350.

Blank record pages and useful information