Drought Relief Assistance Scheme guidelines and forms

The latest drought situation map can be viewed on the Long Paddock.

Learn how an area or shire is drought declared here.

For the purpose of the Drought Relief Assistance Scheme, to be eligible for assistance you must be a primary producer who normally spends more than 50 per cent of your labour on, and derives more than 50 per cent of your gross income from a primary production enterprise.

Due to COVID-19, the implementation of Drought Program Reform will be postponed until July 2021. The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries will continue to work with industry throughout 2020/21 to further develop drought program reform.
The Queensland Government has invested more than $745 million in drought-affected industries and communities since the drought began and will continue to offer both drought and COVID-19 support.

Transport of fodder freight subsidy

Transport of water freight subsidy

Emergency water infrastructure rebate

Transport of livestock returning from agistment freight subsidy

Transport of livestock purchased for restocking freight subsidy

Drought management plan

Individually droughted property


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Drought Program Reform