Drought Commissioners

On 13 August 2018, the Premier and Minister for Trade announced the appointment of two Drought Commissioners, Mr Mark O’Brien and Mr Vaughan Johnson. The role of the Commissioners is to ensure that the government remains appropriately informed of current drought conditions and provide updates to the Government on the impacts of drought on rural and remote communities.

The Commissioners will liaise with other stakeholders in the agriculture sector and provide a direct conduit to the Government, including the Premier and Minister for Trade and the Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries, for any issues arising from the current drought. This includes current conditions and the effectiveness of drought assistance across affected areas of the State and the Government response. The Drought Commissioners will also inform the Drought Program Review and panel of the current impacts of this drought.

If you would like to contact the Commissioners please email droughtcommissioners@qld.gov.au or if you would like further information please call 13 25 23.