Financial assistance available for natural disasters

Agricultural financial assistance to disaster-declared areas

The following financial assistance packages have been made available under Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA). Depending on the severity of damage different types of assistance are activated for certain areas.  Find out if you are in an area activated for assistance.

DRFA Category B Assistance

Freight subsidies

Eligible primary producers can apply for a freight subsidy of up to $5,000 per property to move essential materials such fodder, building and fencing materials, machinery and animals for restocking.

Find the guidelines and forms for freight subsidies .

Read more about freight subsidies.

Natural Disaster Loans

Eligible primary producers can apply for natural disaster loans of up to $250,000 at a concessional rate.

Find details on natural disaster loans though QRIDA, or contact QRIDA on 1800 623 946.

Essential Working Capital Loans

Eligible primary producers can apply for concessional loans to continue the normal operation of their primary production enterprise.

Find details on essential working capital loans though QRIDA, or contact QRIDA on 1800 623 946.

DRFA Category C Assistance

Clean up and Recovery Grants

Producers in the worst hit areas may be eligible to apply for recovery grants to support clean up, restoration and recovery activities.  The size of these grants is determined at the time of the event.

Find details on these grants through QRIDA or contact QRIDA on 1800 623 946.

DRFA Category D Assistance

Exceptional circumstances assistance beyond Categories B and C.

Category D assistance is generally considered once the impact of the disaster has been assessed and it is identified that existing assistance measures are insufficient to support recovery.

Properties outside disaster-declared areas

Primary producers who have suffered significant damage as a result of a natural disaster event, but are not in a disaster-declared area, may apply for an Individual Disaster Stricken Property (IDSP) declaration. This declaration will give you access to assistance similar to Category B assistance of freight subsidies and concessional loans.

Find out more about Individual Disaster Stricken Property declarations , or complete the application form.

More financial assistance

Landholders can apply to have their next leasehold rental payment deferred. Find out more about deferring your rent or instalment.

Find out about more financial assistance, including housing help after a disaster, community recovery grants , and structural assistance grants.

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