Neocosmospora root and crown rot

Diseased plants in the field
Field symptoms of neocosmospora
Healthy plant and diseased plant
Peanut plant infected with neocosmospora (left) and a healthy plant

Neocosmospora vasinfecta


Has been found in both dryland crops in the Burnett region and in irrigated crops in Central Queensland. Appears to be increasing in importance. Has caused significant losses in some crops.


Roots are rotted, and there is often an extensive dark lesion on the crowns of plants. Affected plants wilt and usually die. Orange flask-shaped fruiting bodies of the fungus commonly develop on infected roots and crowns.


Probably present in many soils, and can be spread in contaminated soil by vehicles, machinery and overland water flows.

Management options

Avoid movement of machinery and vehicles from infected paddocks to other paddocks and regions.

Chemical registrations and permits
Check the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority chemical database and permit database for chemicals registered or approved under permit to treat this disease on the target crop in your state or location. Always read the label and observe withholding periods.