Accelerated adoption of leucaena

High weight gains are possible from leucaena
Cattle select the young, highly palatable shoots that are high in protein.

What´s important about this research?

Leucaena is a highly productive perennial legume that can improve cattle live weight gains by up to 100 kg/ head/ year. A Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI) research project will capitalise on many years of research and extension by helping producers successfully establish and manage leucaena pastures to increase both the productivity and profitability of their enterprises and the beef industry as a whole.

Research details

The project will collaborate with a number of industry partners and producer groups and undertake on-farm training in a group learning environment. It will build upon and expand the network of people involved in leucaena by providing technical and mentoring support to producers who wish to plant leucaena.

How to get involved

The project will involve producer groups associated with the CQBEEF project and the Central Queensland Sustainable Farming Systems project. Other interested producer groups are welcome to be involved by contacting their local extension officer or the project manager based at the Biloela DEEDI office.

What's next?

In conjunction with industry, a number of on-farm education field days will be held across the state for producers to come and learn more about leucaena production.

Also, a number of on-farm activities have already started including:

  • performance of leucaena in native bluegrass country
  • impact assessment of leucaena pastures on soil health, cattle performance and waterway health compared to grass-only pastures
  • leucaena response to pre-planting ripping
  • row spacing and configuration impacts on cattle performance.

Other studies into economics and cattle performance of irrigated leucaena will be occurring in the future.

Further information

For more information about the leucaena project:

Project information:

  • Project leader: Stuart Buck
  • Project length: 2009-2013
  • Project partners: 
    1. Queensland Primary Industries and Fisheries (part of Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation)
    2. Central Queensland Beef
    3. Central Queensland Sustainable Farming Systems Project
    4. The Luecaena Network
    5. The University of Queensland
    6. Agforce
  • Funding: Queensland Primary Industries and Fisheries
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