Fruit and vegetable crops

Queensland is renowned for producing fruit, vegetables and nuts of exceptional quality and taste. Innovations in plant varieties, cultural methods, management and marketing have made Queensland's horticultural industry a world leader.

  • Avocado

    Find information on planting, growing and harvesting avocados.

  • Citrus

    Find information for citrus producers, including reserach and development, crop management, best practices, pests, and harvesting

  • Cocoa

    Growing cocoa requires a tropical climate and well distributed rainfall, shade and grows in a wide range of soils. Fermentation and drying often occur on-farm

  • Mangoes

    Information on growing mangos, including research and development, current projects, crop management, best practices, pests, diseases, and harvesting

  • Pineapples

    Information on the production of Pineapple within Queensland including research and development, pests, diseases, markets and information for new growers

  • Strawberries

  • Lettuce

    Links to a range of resources about lettuce production