Queensland grows about 5300 hectares of citrus. The main production regions include the Central Burnett (Mundubbera and Gayndah), Emerald, Bundaberg and the Atherton Tablelands. Minor production regions include  Howard, Maryborough and the Sunshine Coast.

Mandarins, limes and lemons are the main citrus fruit grown in Queensland with smaller areas of oranges, grapefruit and pummelo. Most fruit is grown for the fresh fruit market, but a percentage of the orange crop is used for juice production. Citrus are grown in orchards from grafted or budded nursery stock.

Fruit in Queensland is harvested all year round, dependent on the crop and production region. Most of the fresh fruit produced is marketed in the major metropolitan wholesale markets of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, but a large and increasing amount of Queensland citrus is being exported.

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