Frequently asked questions about citrus varieties

What citrus varieties and rootstocks should I plant?

This is a difficult question to answer as variety and rootstock choice depends on many factors. The choice of variety depends largely on which part of the state you are in, and which markets you are targeting. The choice of rootstock will depend on your soil type and the variety you select.

For more details on varieties and rootstocks refer to the 'Citrus information kit'. We also recommend that serious commercial growers discuss variety and rootstock selection with an experienced citrus consultant.

What lemon varieties should I plant?

On the Queensland coast, Meyer is the best variety, though it is not a true lemon. In the drier inland areas of Queensland, use Eureka, Lisbon and Villa Franca.

What mandarin variety should I plant in Queensland?

Imperial and Murcott mandarins are the dominant commercial varieties in Queensland, with other varieties such as Hickson, Ellendale, Afourer, Daisy and Freemont being grown on a limited scale.

All of these varieties are generally suitable for drier coastal and inland areas. For the wetter coastal areas, it is suggested that Murcott should not be planted.