Frequently asked questions about planting mangoes

Should I use grafted plants or seedlings?

Kensington Pride can be either grown from seed or grafted. Most other varieties (Kent, Palmer and Keitt) need to be grafted because they do not grow true to type from seed. Grafted plants produce earlier, have less vegetative vigour and have a more uniform production than plants grown from seed.

What tree spacings should I use?

Tree spacings will depend on variety, and how you prune and manage your mature trees. Varieties such as Keitt and Palmer can be planted closer than more vigorous types, such as Kensington Pride. If you plan to prune your trees as a hedgerow, they can be planted closer within the row. Row spacing should allow easy access for machinery when trees reach full maturity.

How long before my trees will bear fruit?

Grafted trees will settle into a cropping pattern by the third year after planting and reach peak production in 6-8 years. Seedling trees take a year longer to come into production.