Adapting to market changes project


The Queensland pineapple industry is recognised as one of the most efficient in the world. However, it continues to face significant changes and challenges. For example, it must compete directly with both processed and fresh pineapple imports from countries with very low labour rates. This project will help the industry address these challenges.


Full title

Adapting to pineapple market changes - Phase IV


Start date: December 2010
End date: December 2013

Project leader

Simon Newett, (07) 5453 5800


The aim of this project is to provide the means by which growers can:

  • meet and exchange ideas with other growers, agronomists, researchers and industry administrators on a regular basis
  • be kept up to date with technical and industry developments through meetings, meeting notes, updated chapters in the 'Best practice manual' and a new 'Problem solver pocket guide.

The project will also investigate production costs and methods related to different crop cycles, planting densities, production of fruit for the fresh market compared with processing and costs of growing hybrids compared with Smooth Cayenne.

Leadership training for existing and future leaders will also be conducted during the project.


Intended outcomes of the project are:

  • improvements at the production end of the supply chain through greater adoption of methods regarded as best practice across the industry
  • improved and more consistent fruit quality reaching the fresh fruit market and the processor
  • a more viable industry than would otherwise be achievable and a more sustainable grower base
  • growers that are better informed about different production methods and their costs, as well as costs associated with different crop cycles, growing Smooth Cayenne versus Hybrids and different planting densities
  • a greater capacity for the industry to tackle challenges and opportunities as they arise by having growers who are better skilled in production techniques and leadership ability
  • an industry with very good communication and cohesion.

Two study group meetings per group will be held each year for four groups:

  • North Queensland, which includes Mackay, Rollingstone, Mutarnee, Tully and Mareeba
  • Yeppoon, which includes Cawarral
  • Bundaberg, Childers, Hervey Bay and Maryborough
  • South East Queensland, which includes Mary Valley, Nambour, Beerwah, Glasshouse, Elimbah and Wamuran.

A 'Pineapple problem solver handy guide' will be written and published, which will help growers identify causes of crop disorders.

Chapters of the existing 'Pineapple best practice manual' will be updated where necessary, and published and distributed to growers.

Information on pineapple growing costs and management practices across the industry will be collected and presented to growers. This will give them a better understanding of the economics of growing and inform them of alternative practices or methods that may benefit their production systems.

Leadership training will be organised and conducted both as a refresher for existing leaders and to prepare potential leaders for future leadership roles. Some basic computer training will be arranged for growers with limited skills in this area.

Project staff
  • Simon Newett DAF
  • Julie Moore, Growcom
  • Tim Wollens, Golden Circle

DAF, Pineapple Industry, Horticulture Australia Ltd

Collaborating agencies

Growcom, Golden Circle

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Contact the Customer Service Centre