Frequently asked questions about planting strawberries

When should I plant strawberries?

For Queensland's coastal areas, we recommend planting between mid-March and the first week of April. Runners that are planted in the second week of March or earlier tend to grow leaves and new runners rather than build up crowns. For Queensland's colder inland areas, mid to late April seems best.

Where do I get strawberry runners?

Buy runners from one of the runner suppliers listed below. These runners are grown on runner farms where special efforts are made to keep the plants free from diseases and nematodes.

Queensland & New South Wales

Sweets Strawberry Runners
Phone: 07 4683 6209

Red Jewel Strawberry Runners
PO Box 59
Ballandean Qld 4382
Phone: 07 4684 1133
Mobile: 0427 584 655


Toolangi Certified Strawberry Runner Growers Cooperative Ltd
Phone: 03 5962 9220

Shane and Kerri Perry
Phone: 03 5962 9443


JCLM Farming
Phone: 03 6286 8116
Mobile: 0429 497 223

Western Australia

Trandos Hydroponic Growers (plug plants only)
Phone 08 9206 4725

How do I grow my own runners?

We do not recommend that you grow your own runners because it is difficult to produce disease-free runners on a fruit-producing farm. Instead, buy your runners from the runner suppliers listed above. It is also illegal to produce runners from Plant Breeder Rights varieties even if these runners are for your own use.

I'm thinking about growing strawberries using hydroponics. Where do I start?

Hydroponics is complex and much less forgiving than growing plants in the ground. We recommend that you read and research the subject thoroughly before you start. We also recommend that you engage a hydroponics consultant to guide you through the early stages.

How do I go about growing strawberries organically?

We suggest you first read as much as possible on the subject and talk to growers who use organic growing methods. Next, you might work for an organic grower or even a conventional strawberry grower for a season or two. Contact organic producer organisations for information and details on the certification processes for organic growing systems. Organic growing systems are not as well developed, so you should expect lower yields and quality than you would get with conventional growing systems.