Building capacity in the value chain

The capacity building activities undertaken in the High Value Horticulture Value Chains in the Queensland Murray Darling Basin (QMDB) project, with particular focus on horticulture value chain development, included:

  • a guided protected cropping study tour for QMDB agribusinesses to Virginia, South Australia
  • a guided irrigated agriculture production and marketing study tour (co-funded by the CAAR (Council for Australian-Arab Relations) program) for QMDB agribusinesses to the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • 5 QMDB regional ‘Save energy, water and explore diversification’ producer workshops
  • a number of inbound/outbound/virtual trade and market development missions for QMDB agribusinesses (refer to Activity 3 – Developing new markets)
  • a number of QMDB horticulture produce export trial shipments (refer to Activity 3 – Developing new markets)
  • 4 QMDB regional roadshow workshops highlighting the learnings from the co-investment funding scheme projects
  • 4 horticulture export producer story videos to assist QMDB horticulture producers in identifying export markets, becoming export ready and increasing their understanding of the export process.

Overall, more than 250 QMDB producers/agribusinesses, agribusiness-support businesses and other stakeholders including local governments, participated in project capacity building activities. The associated monitoring and evaluation processes indicate a high level of learning and satisfaction of these project capacity building activities by participants.

In 2016, a study of existing high value production and water reliability for the QMDB was conducted through engaging with stakeholders. Results of this stakeholder engagement including risks and challenges for horticulture in the QMDB were detailed the Activity 2 – Murray Darling Basin Regional Economic Diversification Program report.