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Topic: Plant Health

In 2020 we’re celebrating the International Year of Plant Health and are asking students of all ages to complete a hands-on experimental investigation and other engaging activities (focussing on the ‘Plant Health’ theme) that will help them discover just how important protecting plant health is in sustaining life on Earth.

The full competition instructions/guidelines (and other applicable resources) will be emailed to registered schools prior to the opening date.

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Plant science project awards

Mandatory (all year levels):

Task 1

Design your own ‘plant health’ themed experimental investigation or complete one of our many pre-designed experiments and submit a scientific poster outlining your research and findings. (You are permitted to modify our pre-designed experiments if you wish to investigate different variables, or simplify/extend depending on students’ year level and ability.

Task 2

Create a ‘plant health’ mind map and submit in poster format.

Mandatory (years 7-12 only)–optional for primary students:

Task 3

Research ‘Three key constraints to the plant health of a field crop in a developing country and suggest directions for future research’ and communicate your findings via any style you wish (e.g. written report, poster, PowerPoint, video, podcast, song, play, etc.).

Art in AgRiculTure awards


Get creative and intertwine the 2020 International Year of ‘Plant Health’ theme with the 2020 National Science Week Schools Theme ‘Deep Blue’ to produce an artwork (e.g, short comic or pictorial story) depicting the relationship between plant health (agricultural production) and healthy oceans and how they can exist in harmony together.

QuestaGame ‘Pest Invaders’ BioQuest


Embark on a fun, real-world adventure that will open your eyes to our beautiful environment and the various organisms that invade our plants. Start by getting outdoors to capture (just with photos) as many insect/animal pests, weeds and even plant diseases as you can. You’ll score gold for every sighting, with extra gold if you can identify what you’ve found and even more gold if you can find something rare or interesting. Life is full of hidden treasurers, but our natural environment and agricultural industries are under threat from pests that attack our plants – now is your chance to save it!

Key dates

Competition opens 28 January 2020
Competition closes 26 June 2020
Results announced (via email) Mid-late July 2020
Awards day and Agricultural Science Expo 18 August 2020
(during National Science Week)