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Indigenous Artist: ©Shara Delaney

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Topic: Native Foods

In 2022 we’re celebrating the 125th Anniversary of the DAF Hermitage Research Facility (“HRF125”) and the 25th Anniversary of the Hermitage Schools Plant Science Competition!

In line with our anniversary celebration theme “agriculture through the ages” we are asking students to complete a range of activities that will help them discover the role of agricultural science research and also of traditional, native foods and food production systems in sustaining people today and for the past 60,000 years.


The competition is made up of 3 different sections and any one or more sections can be completed.

1. Plant science project awards

A series of hands-on experiments and activities designed to increase students’ knowledge, awareness and interest in a specific topic related to agriculture and science.

All year levels (P-12) are invited to complete the tasks as outlined briefly below.  Students are then required to submit an entry containing scientific reports, posters, reviews, videos, or other formats as applicable.  Students are also required to submit a separate science journal which contains a record of handwritten notes, raw data, thoughts, diagrams, drawings, etc. for each of the tasks completed.  Digital science journals (e.g., OneNote, or scanned copies of journals) are permitted.

Complete at least any 2 of the 3 tasks below:

Task 1: Science investigation

a) ‘Agronomist – how to best grow native plants’ – design your own experimental investigation (or complete one of our pre-designed experiments) and present your findings in a scientific report.


b) ‘Hunter & Gatherer – create a native food plant herbarium’ – submit your herbarium, or photos of your herbarium.

Task 2: Hands-on activities using native foods

a) ‘Marketing Australian Native Foods using a Flavour Wheel’ – identify and describe the aroma and flavours of native foods (of your choice) using an Australian Native Flavour Wheel and prepare a flyer or brochure to market your native food of choice


b) ‘Tuck into Bush Tucker’ – develop a recipe using traditional bush tucker foods/ingredients and prepare, cook, taste! Submit your recipe, photo and taste feedback/rating in poster format plus an optional short promo video of creating your new dish!

Task 3: Global food security investigation

Research the science behind using native plants from across the world for food production and present in any format you wish (e.g., PowerPoint, video, podcast, song, play, animation, written report, poster, etc).

2. Art in AgRiculTure Awards

An art project with a theme related to the topic studied in the Plant Science Project Awards. Students link science and art in a fun, interesting and creative way to enhance their learning of the given topic.

All year levels (P-12) are invited to complete the task outlined below and submit artworks or photos/videos of artworks.

Task: Create a mosaic artwork depicting a native food or food system that has sustained First Nations people for thousands of years or a native food that you think could enrich our diets today.

3. QuestaGame ‘Pest Invaders’ BioQuest

Play the world's first mobile game that takes you outdoors to discover, map and ultimately help protect life on our planet. Your sightings contribute to real research and conservation.

All year levels (P-12) are invited to complete the task outlined below and submit sightings/IDs via the QuestaGame App.

Task: Embark on a fun, citizen science adventure that will open your eyes to our beautiful environment and the various organisms that invade our plants. Your mission is to capture (just with photos) as many insect/animal pests, weeds and even plant diseases as you can. Life is full of hidden treasurers, but our native environment and agricultural industries are under threat from pests – now is your chance to save it!

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