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© Queensland Government

© Queensland Government

The 2021 'Grow it, Taste it, Don’t Waste it!' HRF Schools Plant Science Competition is now open and is celebrating the International Year of Fruit and Vegetables

The Awards Day and Agricultural Science Expo will be held on 17 August 2021, during National Science Week.  Please mark the date in your diary and join us!

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Your tasks

Plant Science Project Awards

  • Design your own experimental investigation with a focus on fruit/veggies (or complete 1 of our pre-designed experiments) and present your findings in a scientific report.
  • Research a horticultural pest or disease and its impact on a fruit/veggie crop of your choice or perform a food tasting or food spoilage experiment and present your findings in a poster.
  • Develop a new idea/concept to help combat global food wastage and present in any format you wish.

Art in AgRiculTure Awards

  • Create an artwork (2D or 3D) showcasing a new “crazy or super” fruit/veggie that’s been developed in a lab (highlight its nutritional and health benefits and taste too!)

QuestaGame ‘Pest Invaders’ BioQuest

  • Embark on a fun, citizen science adventure that will take you outdoors to discover and map the organisms that invade our plants. Your mission is to help protect our natural environment and agricultural industries!