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Register your interest now for our 2023 ‘The Buzz About Bees’ competition.

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‘The Buzz About Bees’

Discover the crucial role bees play in the viability of agricultural and horticultural industries and in supporting our very survival on this planet!

Starting date: 23 January 2023

Closing date: 23 June 2023

Awards Day & Ag Science Expo: 15 August 2023

Competition sections (complete one or more)

1.  Plant Science Project Awards

Hands-on science experiments, activities and research.

Select any topic you wish, relating to bees, design your own experiments and activities (or follow our pre-designed examples) and complete a scientific report detailing your findings, research and links to agricultural/horticultural industries. Some ideas include:

  • Apiary (beekeeping) Industry
  • Bee biology/anatomy/lifecycles (microscope/dissection studies)
  • Bee biosecurity, pests & diseases and recent Varroa Mite outbreak in NSW
  • Research and taste testing different honey varieties
  • Pollination experiments
  • European Honey Bees v’s Native Stingless Bees study
  • Bee mind mapping (diagram showing our relationships and connections to bees)
  • Bee end products and their uses
  • any other areas of interest!

Eligibility requirements for specific prizes:

‘Conference Awards’ (years 10-12)

Submit a ‘Plant Science Project Awards’ entry plus a ‘Conference Awards’ application form.

‘The Crawford Fund International Agricultural Science Awards’ (all year categories)

Submit an entry (any format) with a focus on bees and the role they play in global food and nutrition security.

‘QUT Most Outstanding Poster Awards’ (all year categories)

Submit your entry as an informative or scientific poster

2.  Art in AgRiculTure Awards

Linking science and art in a creative way.

Bee creative and get buzzy making a bee themed artwork (any medium, 2D or 3D) that compliments your science entry. Some ideas include:

  • Draw/paint/sculpt/mosaic/etc a bee(s) going about their buzziness
  • Build a model bee/bee hive from recyclable materials, paper mâché, etc
  • Create a bee diorama
  • Design a bee biosecurity disease/pest alert poster
  • Create a bee themed story book/cartoon
  • any other areas of interest!

3.  QuestaGame ‘Pest Invaders’ BioQuest

Embark on a fun, citizen science adventure that will take you outdoors to discover and map the organisms that invade our native plants.  Your mission is to help protect our natural environment and agricultural industries.

Score bonus points for any bees or other pollinating insects you find on your adventures and for any introduced/invasive pests you find too!

Register your QuestaGame team here.