Project entry submission form

When you complete this form, you will receive an email confirmation that should be printed and attached to your competition entry and mailed to:

Kerrie Rubie
Schools Plant Science Competition
DAF Hermitage Research Facility
604 Yangan Road
Warwick Qld 4370

Electronic entries can be submitted by replying to your confirmation email with the files attached. There is a combined 15MB limit on attached submissions. If your entries exceed this limit, please save the entries to a USB stick and mail to the above address.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk *.

Entrant details
List each student's name that contributed to the competition project on a new, separate line and include their year level. For example "John Citizen (7)". These names will be used for certificates.
Parental consent for the department to use images/recordings/works
Entries submitted for award
Return the entries * Ensure all components of the entries are clearly labelled with school and student details. Entries will be returned later in the year, or can be collected at the annual awards day at Hermitage.