Maize germplasm

We conduct a maize pre-breeding program in collaboration with the Grains Research and Development Corporation. The primary goal of the program is to address maize production challenges and constraints through improved genetics.

The program develops inbred lines that can be used by seed companies to develop improved commercial hybrids that are profitable and compatible with maize industry requirements in Australia. The major target production environments include tropical high rainfall areas such as Atherton Tableland in north Queensland and drier and hotter subtropical environments in south and central Queensland.

The breeding program works to develop germplasm (a genetic resource) that:

  • has excellent resistance to leaf, stem and ear diseases
  • is better adapted to Australian weather conditions
  • is suitable for a variety of commercial purposes.

Licensing and royalties

The department can provide:

  • data and information about the germplasm
  • early-generation breeding materials for those interested in undertaking their own selections.

Seeds of germplasm can be procured only after the required licensing agreement is signed. Upfront fees will apply to all germplasm licensed from the department. The amount charged is based on the germplasm's stage of development and the number of lines requested.

Once germplasm is commercialised, royalty fees will apply based on the proportion of the genetic contribution of the germplasm to the commercial hybrid or variety.

For enquiries about the germplasm program, phone the Customer Service Centre .