Expression of interest opportunities

There are currently no active EOI opportunities.

Should new EOI opportunities become available, the details will be published on this page. There are however, a number of open opportunities available for commercial arrangements.

The EOI process caveat

The release of an EOI is an 'open process' meeting the principles of probity - open, fair, equitable and transparent.

Following closing of the EOI, an evaluation panel will review the submissions and progress accordingly.

If no submissions are received by the closing date, we reserve the right to either:

  • directly approach and negotiate a commercial arrangement
  • consider an offer from an external party.

Open (ongoing) opportunities for commercial arrangements

These opportunities are available to offers by external parties to enter into commercial arrangements.

Culture Collection

The Culture Collection is a unique living collection of mostly fungal (~22,000) and bacterial isolates (~1,000) from plants, insects and soil.

The collection:

  • holds many specimens of plant pathogens, entomapathogens and endophytes that are rich in species diversity
  • may have economic value in the search (biodiscovery) for novel compounds of benefit in pharmacology, biotechnology, industry and agriculture.

Fruitpiercing moth bait (synthetic)

Fruitpiercing moth bait attracts and kills fruitpiercing moths (Eudocima spp.), which are common in eastern and northern Australia, the Pacific, Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

Bait can be hung from trees. Its wax coating limits both loss of the toxicant inside and access by non-target species.

Ten per cent adoption (in citrus and mango markets in Queensland) would equate to approximately 3 million baits per year.

Further information

Please direct enquiries to the Customer Service Centre.