Queensland agricultural land audit

The 2017 Annual Addendum contains updates since the release of the previous Addendum in November 2016. It highlights information and data which may affect the currency of mapping and qualitative information contained within the Queensland Agricultural Land Audit.

The Queensland Agricultural Land Audit (the Audit)  identifies land important to current and future production and the constraints to development, highlighting the diversity and importance of Queensland's agricultural industries across the state.

It is a key reference tool that will help guide investment in the agricultural sector and inform decision making to ensure the best use of our agricultural land in the future.

The Audit covered the state's 12 regions, based on planning boundaries, and assessed the opportunities and constraints including current land use, infrastructure or logistical issues and planning processes.

The Audit is an initiative that supports the government's vision for a bigger, stronger and more productive agricultural sector as one of the four pillars of the Queensland economy.