One-Stop Service for development and investment in sustainable agriculture

The Queensland Government recognises the importance of agriculture to our economy and regional communities, and is committed to continuing to build a productive and profitable agriculture, fisheries and forestry.

The One-Stop Service has been designed specifically for the agriculture industry to facilitate private sector sustainable agriculture development in Queensland by assisting proponents to better navigate government processes. This may be for new agricultural or supply chain businesses, or supporting innovative ways agricultural industries are diversifying and intensifying.

The service is primarily targeted at small to medium size agriculture developments and consists of a web information portal and a client management service. It operates within existing government legislative frameworks and does not aim to replace existing systems, but rather link clients with the appropriate information, agencies and services.

This web portal is a single entry to a range of information such as planning and development, trade and investment, mapping, and business and industry support. Improvements are underway for increased information access, and ease of use.

The client management service has been developed to assist clients through the various stages of a project and may include referrals to other agencies, or linking people with government services. It is designed to improve service delivery and respond to the characteristics of individual projects.

For more information and assistance::

  • contact DAF customer service on 13 25 23 or (07) 3404 6999
  • contact the DAF Regional Directors
  • complete the questionnaire and leave your contact details.