Online resources for graziers and growers

The Improved Practices Catalogues are online resources for farmers in the Great Barrier Reef catchments. The catalogues highlight a number of key practices for the sugarcane, banana and grazing industries and aggregate the evidence for the benefits to water quality with the economic costs and benefits.

About the Improved Practices Catalogue

The beef, sugarcane and horticulture industries in the Great Barrier Reef catchments contribute $3.7 billion in gross value of production and support regional development. To grow agricultural production, the way natural resources are used needs to be optimized. These tools have been designed to assist growers and graziers to be informed so that they can implement best practices.

How to use the guides

The selection of the improved practices was based on scientific research and economic modeling. For each practice, information on the references of the experiments that led to these recommendations is provided. This tool uses an alpha numeric code within the document (at the end of each sentence) that refers to the list at the end of the document. Should you wish to find out more, the links in the PDF documents are live and will take you to where the original paper or case study is published.

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Within the each farm management system, a suite of complementary practices need to be implemented in a system to achieve cost effective pollutant reduction. To consider your whole farm system it is recommended that you take part in the Best Management Practice (BMP) program for your industry. This will consider not only water quality but productivity, resilience and business performance.

The Queensland Government has passed legislation to strengthen the existing reef protection regulations. Learn more about the Reef protection regulations.


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