Irrigated crop suitability mapping tool and report

Tool instructions

Once you open the tool it enables you to do the following from the menu on the left:

  • see where there is suitable land for different crop types on soil maps available in the drop down menu at 1. (Once a soil map loads click   at the top left for the map legend)

Then you can:

  • see a list of potential rotation crops - the shapes outlined in black on soil maps are called ‘soil polygons’ and they each have a unique soil profile and polygon number. Click on any polygon to see its ‘soil suitability rating’ for different crop types.
    • Ratings: 1 = Suitable land with negligible limitations, through to 5 = Unsuitable land with extreme limitations
  • get an instant full soil report via email for one or more ‘property parcels’ (outlined in blue on soil maps) - first click the selector tool Selector tool icon at 2, then click/drag the cursor on a soil map to select one or more property parcels of interest, and enter email address in boxes at 3. To begin again click Trash icon at 2
  • find data on the minimum and maximum topography and slope - this data will automatically be listed in a table at 5 in the menu for each property parcel when one or more property parcels are selected
  • find topography or slope at a specific point - first select ‘topography’ or ‘slope’ from the drop down menu at 4, click on any point within a soil polygon, click forward or play icon in the pop up window’s green bar to see exact reading at that point.

Access the tool

Access the Rookwood crop suitability mapping investor tool.

Further assistance

If you require assistance with this tool or report, or would like to provide feedback, please email or phone (07) 3096 6510 between 10am and 5pm.