State of Queensland agriculture report

The State of Queensland agriculture report was developed to provide agricultural industries with baseline data to inform investment decisions and plan for the future.

The opportunities for significant growth in agricultural production are clear. As the world continues along the trajectory of staggering growth projections of global food demand, it is increasingly important that Queensland document the current state of the sector and tracks its progress.

The State of Queensland agriculture report consists of collated and analysed data from a variety of sources, and new, never before seen data.

Queensland must fully understand the sector's challenges and opportunities through the rigorous collection and dissemination of relevant data, in order to identify strategic strengths and opportunities and address emerging issues before they have a chance to stifle growth.

The report details the state of the sector in relation to each of the four identified pathways and includes metrics on biosecurity risks and management.

Concluding this report is a section covering medium-term industry outlooks for the next three to five years, highlighting many of the opportunities and challenges facing key agricultural industries in Queensland.

Download your full copy of the State of Queensland agriculture report.