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Dairy environmental management

Effluent management and utilisation

Dairy effluent management systems
Sound practical and economic reasons to pay close attention to effluent management.

Dairy effluent systems for high-rainfall areas Issues of particular importance in planning and managing a dairy effluent system in higher rainfall areas.

Constructing effluent ponds
Technical guidance for producers, contractors, consultants and project managers involved in constructing effluent ponds.

Expanding your dairy herd?
Issues to consider prior to herd expansion, which should result in long term technical, financial and social benefits, while promoting harmonious community relations and avoiding possible intervention by regulators.

Chicken litter as fertiliser

Managing human health risks of chicken litter application Information about raw chicken litter, which may contain contaminants that present a potential threat to human health if permitted to enter the food chain or water resources.

Last updated 26 October 2010