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Husbandry techniques

What you need to know from the birth of the calf to rumen development and keeping your herd healthy.

  • Rumen development

    There are many health and management advantages in encouraging early rumen development as the ruminant calf is less likely to suffer digestive upsets and scours, with mortality risk much reduced.

  • Relief now available for BJD affected producers Birth of the calf

    Cows should calve in a clean, well-grassed, sheltered paddock near the house or dairy where she can be observed in case calving difficulties develop.

  • Rearing calves

    The future of any dairy farm depends on the successful rearing of calves and heifers for herd replacements.

  • Build a buffalo fly trap

    Buffalo fly cause a chronic loss of production in beef herds in coastal and sub-coastal northern Australia. The majority of the production loss is because of reduced grazing time due to fly worry.

Last updated 28 October 2009