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Nutrients pigs need and diets

  • Nutrition basics

    Explains the nutrients that pigs need and why they need to be in balance; guide to dietary lysine levels. Feed accounts for 55-75% of total costs; feeding and nutrition can make a huge difference to piggery profits.

  • Digestible energy

    Information about digestible energy in feeds; feed energy in the body and why some are more difficult to measure and thus less commonly used in diet formulation.

  • Grain protein and energy levels

    As a minimum quality assurance check, have grain analysed for moisture, crude protein and energy content.

  • Selecting ingredients for a diet

    Selecting the right combination of feed ingredients to provide a diet giving optimum animal production at least cost is complex; includes a guide to use of some feed ingredients.

  • Amino acids

    There are nine amino acids which the pig cannot synthesise and so they must be supplied within the feed. These essential amino acids are lysine, methionine, tryptophan, isoleucine, histidine, phenyalanine, threonine, leucine and valine.

  • Nutrient needs

    Guide to nutrient content of diets and feeding levels for different classes of pigs