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Improving your herd with genetics

There are many reasons why growers should consider improving their herds. Increasing efficiencies can decrease your enterprise's outlays; improving breeding programs can increase your profits; and producing a product that is more desirable to consumers creates more demand for it.

  • Performance testing - program variations

    The effect of reduced-effort variations to on-farm performance testing on genetic improvement in a pig herd

  • Replacing breeding stock

    Information about replacing breeding stock to maximise your profits. There are three alternatives - buy in all stock, buy in boars (animals or AI), or select all from existing on-farm stock.

  • Using genetics to improve your herd

    Using genetics can improve pig herd performance and is valuable for developing desirable traits such as growth rates and carcass fatness

  • Heterosis in pigs

    Types of heterosis, and a guide to calculating and expected values from crosses

  • Inseminating sows (AI)

    The technique for artificially inseminating sows on-farm using fresh or chilled semen is presented.

  • Performance testing

    Selecting breeding stock from pigs on-farm based on growth rate and backfat thickness

  • Collecting semen from boars

    Boar semen collection is commonly done in closed herds where, for health reasons, it is unwise to put introduced boars with the herd.

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