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Services and products for the Queensland pig industry

Pig industry-specific

  • Auspig modelling program
    This software models pig production and helps you work out the best use of resources for maximum profit. This program is especially useful for working out feed so that nutrients are matched to particular a pig's requirements
  • Sowtel
    Basic breeder herd recording pages and sow cards for recording each sow and events such as mating, farrowing and litter details
  • Pig respiratory disease specialised diagnostic services
    Specialised diagnostic services for pleuropneumonia, Glasser's disease and pasteurollosis are available (fees apply)
  • Environmental management
    Advice on development applications for starting or expanding a piggery and general advice on waste management
  • Piggery assessment spreadsheet
    Performs the calculations for preparing applications and documenting proposed piggery design characteristics and management practices

General services

  • Mobile office
    Our mobile office tours Queensland providing primary producers with access to products and services that might not be available locally
  • Business and trade services
    Business development, export and trade, workforce development and financial assistance information