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Exemptions for breeders of genuine working dogs

If you breed genuine working dogs, you do not need to register as a dog breeder. To qualify you must be breeding from a working dog and the puppies must be used as working dogs. A working dog is defined under the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 as a dog usually kept:

  • on rural land
  • by an owner who is a primary producer, or a person engaged or employed by a primary producer
  • primarily for the purpose of droving, protecting, tending, or working stock; or
  • being trained in droving, protecting, tending, or working stock.

The types or breeds of working dogs are not prescribed under a regulation.

If you breed working dogs but supply a dog to a person for purposes other than as working dogs, you must register as a breeder. You can register on the online Queensland Dog Breeder Register.

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