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Seven and the town dogs

Join Seven, a brave young dog, as he explores the world and learns about how hard it can be for a dog to survive without being cared for properly.

Seven and the town dogs is a three book series written by Rae-Jon Bunting exploring animal welfare issues relating to dogs. Each book introduces dog welfare issues that all dog owners need to know. Written for primary aged school children, the books follow the adventures of Seven, a homeless dog, as he struggles to find a loving family and a safe home.
While reading these books you will learn about the essential care that every dog owner must provide to their dog. Basic care begins with remembering that a dog needs food, water and shelter every day, and if you can't look after a dog properly, you shouldn't get one.
The Seven and the town dogs book series is available to download for free and teachers in Queensland schools can contact the Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23 for free printed copies.

About the author

Rae-Jon Bunting has spent most of her life as a farmer, livestock dealer, horse breeder and trainer. Now retired, she works harder than ever as a voluntary educator and animal welfare crusader in Indigenous communities. She is in regular contact with Indigenous communities, helping children learn how to look after their animals and assisting the community with animal welfare and management. Rae-Jon's original story was the inspiration for this book.

This project was an initiative of the Queensland Government with funding from the Australian Government under the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy.

Last updated 15 October 2015